One of the most important accessories on your big day is going to be wedding shoes. As a girl, you’re probably used to the notion of fancy stilettos and matching evening gowns. But footwear is not something guys think about that often. One pair for work, one for sports and one for every other occasion – done!

So it’s understandable, that when buying your shoes as a couple, you may have a few questions. Read through the following tips that will help you pick the perfect pair ever so confidently.

  1. Consider the colour

Start by deciding if you want to match your shoes with the dress or wear a contrasting colour. If you want to match shoes to your dress, the best way to do this is to take a fabric swatch of the material your dress is made out of to the shoe store so that you can compare the colour and texture of the shoe to your dress. Remember, higher the heel, the longer your dress will have to be.

As a groom, assuming you’re keeping it formal and crisp, you’ve got two main options- black or brown. If your suit or tuxedo is dark in colour, it’s recommended you wear black. However for charcoal/navy blue/olive green suits, an appropriate shade of brown could be chosen. But who says you have to play by the rules? If you’re a sassy groom, styling is up to you!

  1. Comfort and functionality is key

As a bride, you would obviously want something pretty on your feet, but do they have to be skyscraper heels? Sri Lankan weddings involves a lot of walking, dancing, and posing for photographs, so make sure as a couple, to pick something you will be totally comfortable with.

  1. Consider the venue

Is it an indoor, grandeur wedding or a bubbly, outdoor wedding? For an example, don’t consider heels of any kind for a beach ceremony. They will sink in and you’ll have to wiggle through the wedding ceremony as you unstick yourself from the sand. Heels on a lawn can be almost as tricky, especially if it has rained recently. Wedges are a better choice for outdoor weddings, but consider ones not made of fabrics such as satin so that they can be effectively cleaned after the ceremony. However, if it’s an indoor ceremony, you’re free to choose any type of shoe, as long as you’re comfortable in them.

As a groom, there are many shoe styles you can choose from, starting from the most popular Oxford with closed lacing.  Sri Lanka is a tropical country with ample outdoor venues, so consider loafers or Converse if your wedding has a casual vibe.

  1. Make a statement with your shoes

If your bridal dress is most elegantly fashioned, make sure to choose a pair that will complement your dress as opposed to overpowering it. It’s often best to team simple shoes with a more elaborate wedding dress, or vice versa. A wedding dress with a lot of detail could be finished off beautifully with an elegant court shoe in a soft tone to create a chic statement.

As for the groom, you need to spruce up! As I mentioned before, choose your shoe colour wisely, and make sure you’ve removed labels and price tags. If you’re opting for a formal suit other than Kandyan, complete your outfit with cufflinks and a pocket square. It’s those little details that go a long way!

  1. On a budget? That’s fine!

If you’ve busted a lot of cash on various wedding-related stuff and don’t have enough cash to splurge on wedding shoes, consider online shopping. Browse through reliable online vendors and sites to find gorgeous wedding shoes that come with affordable price tags. Why i stressed on “reliable” is because you wouldn’t want to deal with the last minute panic attack of not receiving your shoes on time. Even though online shopping is quite popular, not every vendor ships to Sri Lanka. So before you place an order, check for the vendor’s delivery policy and most importantly make sure the shoe ordered is of correct size.

Last but not least, choose a pair that YOU feel fabulous in, for they will always remind you of your special day!

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