1. Take advantage of the internet

The internet is filled with inspiration. From your wedding dress to wedding throne – it gives so many ideas on the way you could style it. Several internet sites are dedicated to wedding planning and this gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the information at your fingertips. So, before you get down to planning, make sure you gather your inspirations from the internet.

  1. Think twice before you DIY it

Creative brides tend to opt for DIY solutions throughout their wedding planning. It not only helps to cut down costs but also helps you to show off your creativeness. However, this can also prove to be a trouble later on. For instance, say you DIY your wedding dress embellishments. Have you thought about the consequences at the last moment? And what about a homemade cake that turns out bad at the end? That’s exactly why there are experts in the field when it comes to weddings. So, always think twice before you opt for DIY solutions.

  1. Keep track of your budget

This is if utmost importance! Why? Because if you lose track of it, you may end up bankrupt to spend on your other expenses. This is one of the most challenging aspects of the whole wedding planning process, yet one of the most significant too! If you manage you expenses well, you will be able to allocate your budget to other areas you value most.

  1. Avoid blisters

Make sure you avoid any possible injury to stay comfortable on your big day! Sore feet is not gonna help all the walking and dancing around on your Big Day. This is why you should practice walking in the shoes and also cover the soles of your feet and edges with plaster to make sure you don’t get any cuts in those stilettos.

  1. Choose the Bridal Retinue You Value

Choosing people who you value for your retinue can be tricky. Should your retinue consist of relatives or friends? Or both? Some brides are often pressurized to add people who they do not even want to their bridal party. Do not fall into that category. Bridal retinues are supposed to consist of the people you love and value and this is why it is totally up to the bride to choose who she wants!

  1. Enjoy yourself!

Weddings are all about celebration. You are entering a new phase in life with the love of your life and this deserves to be spent with all your smiles and happiness. Eat to your full, dance to let your soul free and make sure you take countless pictures to make time stand still. This is your opportunity to make memories that would last a lifetime. Breath. Have fun. Enjoy the experience!

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