Take a deep breath and cheer up!  Your wedding is done! It went well!  

Just relax pack your bags and leave! It’s time for Honeymoon! Yes, it is that easy. Honeymoon in Sri Lanka is most exciting and peaceful. Friendly nature, Kind people and Awesome food all in one destination.

Honeymoon is the sweet relief, a romantic get- away, where, the cuddle moments, the intimacy, the romance and love all comes in one package. Don’t miss out on the fun!!

Most Sri Lankans love to spend their honeymoon in-country. Variety is the spice of life, they say, Sri Lanka has variety and adventure around the country. Most cities have their own specialty.

You could pick and choose the city according to your choice of nature and personality.

I will give you some of the well-known honeymoon destinations of Sri Lanka and the activities they offer:

  • Nuwara Eliya– people visit this city for its cold climate throughout the year. Honeymooners could spend their vacation at luxury hotels like Grand Hotel, or at cottages or even bungalows with breathtaking views and luxury facilities. Sipping a hot cup of some awesome tea while taking a tour of the tea estates and enjoying their hot slice of cake. Nothing beats the fresh strawberries. Also a romantic walk by the breezy lake with your soul mate while making memories. The waterfalls and views are simply amazing
  • Ella– further upwards from Nuwara Eliya, Ella has luxury waterfall hotels and resorts where you could spend a lovely holiday.
  • Kandalama– a city full of mist. The Heritance Kandalama is a popular honeymoon spot, the city is for peace seekers and couples who love to cuddle and stay in-doors while getting to know each other better.
  • Kandy– the most happening city after Colombo, Kandy offers you a variety of entertainment, historic sites, luxury accommodations with international cuisines and many more. The Earl’s Regency is a must visit resort for those couples looking for Honeymoon destinations.
  • Galle, Hikkaduwa, Bentota, Kalutara– located at the Down South, these cities are for adventure seekers. Water Sports: Surfing, Whale watching, Turtle Hatcheries, Jet skiing, Rafting, Boat rides and much more activities are offered here. When it comes to food, you could enjoy the best cuisines of the world in these cities as well as Sri Lankan street food and the best sea food. They have amazing beaches and wonderful accommodations.

Apart from these cities and destinations, there are many more exciting places for couples to enjoy their get-away in Sri Lanka;  

Sigiriya– for rock climbing and ancient monuments

Singharaja– for its rainforests and wildlife safaris

Hunas Falls– for its beautiful waterfalls and spring

Cities like Kandalama and Vil Uyana are known as the best honeymoon spots and offer activities designed especially for couples. Likewise, most other honeymoon spots could be found in this lovely country.

The destination is important, similarly, there are other things to be considered before hitting the road. Some of them are;

  • Make prior hotel room bookings- since Sri Lanka has many holidays, most people keep traveling and tripping on and off. The country is also busy hosting tourists, therefore, hotels are always full.
  • Carry enough cash- do not carry excess cash or valuables, you do not want to worry and be insecure while celebrating your special moments.
  • Arrange vehicle- unless you want to drive and enjoy privacy, get your vehicle booked and driver hired, last minute work is always risky.
  • Carry enough lingerie- make every day special, in case of emergency, it is always best to carry an extra normal nightwear.
  • Passports and Visa- make sure you get them prepared and pack them first.
  • Always check for climates of the city- rainy climates Down South would be a spoiler.
  • Other little things like; camera, sunscreens, first aid, chargers, insect repellants, books etc. need to be pre-packed.

Sri Lanka has the most beautiful places and unlike other countries the cost of the vacation is not sky high, people with budget plans could also enjoy a good and memorable vacation in this country.

For Sri Lankans, enjoying a honeymoon in the country itself would be less costly, they would be free from jet-lagging and other travel exhaustion.

For foreigners, it would be a good opportunity to experience nature and spend their romantic getaway full of adventure.


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