Wedding preparation isn’t necessarily every couple’s cup of tea. As much as you want to micromanage every little detail to ensure perfection on your big day, sometimes it just isn’t easy when you’ve both got demanding jobs or worse, if you don’t even live in Sri Lanka in the first place!

Firstly, obtaining the required information on how you should go about your preparations to locking in vendors and venues are some of the most tedious tasks you’re going to have to undertake. Visits, samples, set-ups and trials are all inevitable steps you need to go through with each and every vendor you’re considering for your big day. Finally, getting down to keeping track of time with checklists, trial dates and even compiling your guest lists is always an arduous task.  This is where Retinue comes in.

A brand new start-up launching this month, Retinue aims to solve all your wedding preparation problems with their innovative new online platform, taking Sri Lanka to the global playing field as the ideal wedding destination. From the day he put a ring on it right up until your honeymoon, Retinue vows to be by your side helping you every step of the way. Venues, flowers, musicians-whatever concerns you may have and whoever you want to book for your wedding, all you need to do is join Retinue’s absolutely free one-stop-shop online platform. From obtaining all the required info on knowing what to do, when and how to do onwards to finding potential vendors, schedule meetings and confirm bookings all from the comfort of your own home, sitting right in front of your computer. As if all that wasn’t fab enough, Retinue’s online platform also allows you to plan not just the wedding but any and all your functions from bachelorette to the homecoming.

If you’re thinking an online platform may wind up creating more problems than solving them, think again! By having everything on a shared platform, miscommunications are completely ruled out and all information exchanged between you and your vendors are safe and sound in one location. No more hydrangeas instead of chrysanthemums or trifles instead of tiramisu to stress you out on your big day! Rule out the misunderstandings and verbal promises that seem to magically disappear because with Retinue’s steady platform, your vendors will no longer have an excuse for any mishaps!

By introducing this wholly online concept to couples, vendors and even wedding planner at absolutely no added cost to any party, Retinue’s goal is to get rid of the archaic offline method of planning your nuptials, taking your wedding to the Digital Age.

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